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Easy Ways to Cure Acne

Acne can be defined as an infection of a skin which are usually consider in different forms like blackheads, whiteheads and spot known as 'pimples'. You can see many people, especially young adults has suffering from acne.

Researchers are not yet determine successfully the causes of acne. The basic information how acne forms is given below:
Our skin is also an organ. Tiny pores are present under the surface of skin. This tiny pores is for hair to come out. There is a sebaceous gland present this tiny pores.
Now, here is the starting point of acne.
When sebaceous gland becomes active, then it release sebum. Sebum is just a oily liquid. After that hair broke and blocked the pore. Sebum gets filled in the pores and get block by the blockage that leads a better environment for bacteria to grow. Finally, mixture of broken part of hair follicles, sebum and bacteria present in the pores gives birth to acne. In this way, we get a horrible looking acne that needs too much care to make it leave our face.

Do you like to go for a special function with a spot that attracted people to compliment on it? Well, most teenager find pimples the most worse part of their life. They just want to finish the pimples quickly forcing them to pop that pimples which causes more scarring and if the pus is still inside the tiny pores from where the pimple is born then there is high possibility that you will face even more worse pimples. How this will happen? Actually when we pop a pimples we pushed the pus present in the pimples more deep inside the surface which create more pus and comes out even with the bigger ones. So, be careful, touching your pimples may cause the same problem ad above.

Are you adult who is suffering from acne?
If yes then you possibly facing adult acne. Adult acne is a common type of acne which comes when a person crosses puberty. It causes due to hormone releases during puberty which makes sebaceous gland more active than required. (Sebaceous gland releases oil to moisturize face, so more you make your skin dry the more you sebum releases, that is why keep regularity in washing face).
As my personal experience, male suffers more than female as the androgen is founded more in male. I recently seen one of my uncle who is an agent at marriage bureau. He have to meet many people. Before few months, he suffered from a biggest disappointing situation when faces acne. This acne not only make you looks very unprofessional but also cause enough irritation to distract your concentration from the business possibly leads to failure. As you should see even older people suffer from acne this means androgen is not possible cause of acne but eating oily foods and some genes have active sebum are also a reason of acne. my uncle age is 40 and he still gets acne. To finish it, he started medication to purify bad chemicals present in our blood and washing face with soap twice and clearing face five times only with water each day. His acne gone like it never comes in his life. "Everything which comes has to go" is said to be a Rule of Nature that nearly almost every things have to follow in different ways.
Acne is one of the historic thing that are even faced by ancient peoples. So to prevent it there are also old remedies which comes to be useful as our high technology reveals its actual effects. Old and New precautions and method to reduce acne with more information are explained below:

Rub banana peel:

This treatment is very rarely seen anywhere on internet. It is the quick and easiest one as compared to other methods were you need mixture of so many things to apply on face and keep it for a long time.
Result of this method is absolutely amazing. After just one day, you will see the size of the pimples becomes very small and its red colour turns similar to your skin colour.
Take a banana that should not be green, yellow and black bananas are possibly found to be very good. Eat it and keep the peel on your index and middle finger. Rub the inner part of peel on your face gently. Keep rubbing on the affected area till the inner part of peel becomes black. Use another inner part of peel and rub it till it becomes black. Continue this chain and  keep doing it for 15 minutes. Do this everyday.

 Put slices Raw potatoes:

I have personally tried it and found very useful. It first reduces scar that I find the best part of rubbing potatoes.
Cut slices of potatoes and put it all over faces properly for 5 to 10 minutes and remove it. Then wash your face.
You will find a (big relieved from irritation of skin) as acidic chemical of potato act as antibacterial which clear bacteria that is  present in the tiny pores and reduces acne effectively. Do this for 1 week to see better result.

Apply lemon or lemon juice.

Lemon has acidic properties that clean bacteria on the face and control oiliness.
Cut lemon into two pieces and rub this both on both sides of faces for 1 minutes. When you feel the solution is properly stuck on your face, then keep it for three to five minutes and wash it away. Do this one time in one week. Don't try this too much, reason is given below.
Important: apply sun protection lotion on face, if your skin is sensitive as acidic nature creates situation that is similar to harm of sunlight.
Baking Soda and water mixture
Simply a pack baking soda found on your kitchen table and take water purifier water for better safety of your screen.
Take nearly 8 tablespoon baking soda in a simple bowl and add water till the mixture becomes paste. Apply it on face and let the paste becomes solid. Wash it after 15 minutes. Do it twice a week.
There are thousands of remedies to cure acne from which we have choosen super easiest, low cost and time saving treatment to reduce acne.


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