Friday, 23 August 2013

Improve Eye Vision

Eyes is an organ which receive images of the visible surrounding and transmit this image to the brain by electro-chemical impulses. It plays an important role in determining the situation and object around us. It is one of the organ that can be damage permanently. As our High technology have very few and risky treatment like laser treatment which fix problems related to eyes. It is so expensive that only rich people are able to this operation. So to prevent falling in such difficult condition, you have to take steps to take care about your eyes or someday you can't see the beautiful world you are living in.

True Fact
A person with lost eye sight has comparatively proper hearing ability.
How to improve eye sight?
Below I present some important and easiest tips to maintain your eye health to make your life better in future as well as in present. The first thing you should to is regular exercises. Its true that our eyes too needs exercise to maintain its health same as our body needs to do yoga to maintain fitness and make you relax. People with glasses find exercise the best thing to reduce the number of it.
Some basic eye sight improving exercise are given below:

  • Rubbing your eyes

Don't rub it too hard, gently rubbing increase blood circulation around the eyes as well as relax your eyes for a few minutes. Doing this in break after watching computer or television is seen to be very effective.
First close your eyes for few seconds and gently placed your palm on eyes without any rubbing or force
Start rubbing slowly and make sure everything should be seen is just darkness ,no light. Rub so softly that you must be able to blink at that time.
  • Drawing alphabet or numbers

This helps to make eye flexible and exercise your eye muscle, just like we do to lift heavy weight to make our muscles strong.
Draw a big (8) [big in size] figure on a wall that is 12 feet away from you by imagining.
Start following path of number eight slowly. Do this for few minutes with different alphabet like capital B (big in size) and other numbers like 6. Do this each day for better result.
  • Distance Focusing

Most optician vote this the best exercise for a person with glasses. Very helpful for people with long as well as short distanced bad vision.
Take a pen or any object. Stretch your hand while holding it.
Now focus on a tip of the pen or a part of the object you have choosen.
Slowly take to your pen closer to your face while focusing on the tip.
When the pen reach a certain distance (nearly 4 to 5 cm away) were you see double pen, then stop it and repeat the same thing again.
Doing this for two minutes everyday to keep your focusing power good. This exercise will help to increase focusing speed and perfection. You can do this thumb instead of pen.
  • Fast distance change

This is similar to above one. This increase speed of focusing which can de done anywhere and anytime.
Stretch your hand and open up your thumb like we are saying best of luck to someone before exam.
First focus on your thumb for 5 seconds and then focus of wall behind the thumb located more than 10 feet away from you just only for 5 seconds.
Do this for one minute each day and you are done.

Try relaxing your eye:
Our eyes are almost every time in stress when we are focusing to something. Our god has blessed us with a useful and simple thing that is ignored most of the time in our daily life. That thing is nothing but just our 'BLINK'. Yeah, blinking is the one of our habit which helps us to relax our eyes from stress. Blinking also play an important role in communication skill. Blink rate should be around interval of 4 seconds that is suitable for almost every person.

How blinking reduces stress?
Stress on eyes which hurts in different ways are relief every few seconds by blinking. When we blink, our eyes stay in dark for sometimes, even this small amount of time is enough for eyes to send present information to brain and get ready for new information coming from the source. Mostly people forget to blink when concentrating on something which causes stress on eyes. So, you should remember to blink little bit not too much while watching television, surfing internet on computer or playing games in smartphone,etc.
In these ways, you can easily make your eyesight better than it was before. I have seen many people with glasses tried this methods and it works for them as they want. Ask an optician before doing these exercises, if you have glasses.
If we keep doing exercise and eating healthy foods, then there will be some day when opticians have very few income as most people eyes will be very good and vision will as sharp as possible for human eyes.

Special Tips:
  • Don't look on brighter light with dark background.
  • Don't focus on something for long time without blinking.
  • Sleep for 7-9 hours daily to release stress and reduce dark circles below eyes as well.
  • Close your eyes and place hand on it covering whole area for few seconds to make your it relax for sometimes.


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